Before Your Visit

We appreciate your interest in the 21st century technology. Here are some things you need to know before your first appointment.

  1. No Eating 2 Hour Before and After The Sessions. This is important because we want to burn what was released from the cells by the light and not what is in our gut.
  2. Hydration. Hydration is a very important part of this process. A well hydrated cell accepts the light more efficiently. Half your body weight in ounces/day.
  3. Lycra/Spandex. If you have yoga type pants that are flexible enough to slip the paddles in yet compressive enough to hold the paddles in place. If not, wear something loose and we do have straps to hold the paddles. There is no disrobing required for the sessions.
  4. Turnaround Time. The first session is about an hour and the follow-ups around 40-45 minutes. You will be on the lights for 15 minutes and vibrating plate for 10 minutes.

The First Step To Better Health!

  1. We strive to make your first visit to our office a comfortable experience. Dr. Jackson will personally welcome you and ask you to complete our required form. This form will give us important information about you and if you are a Lipo Light candidate. The doctor will then spend some time asking specific questions about your objectives to determine if the Lipo Light and any weight loss protocols are right for you. If not, other options will be discussed.
  2. After discussing your goals and treatment area's, we can take measurements. We can take measurements on the first, every forth and last visit. Photos' are optional and face shots are never done.
  3. Here we go into the Lipo Light room. Depending on your priority areas, you will most likely lay on your back. No disrobing is necessary. The paddles will be placed on the skin in your targeted areas. The session is 15 minutes. You will feel a very nice soothing warmth. While on the lights, some people nap, read or are on their phones. We also offer gentle meditative background music during your session.
  4. After the light session you will step onto a Vibration Plate. The plate will burn about 300 calories in 10 minutes, about what the light has pushed out of the cells. The plate also activates 60% more muscle fiber. Several Cross Fit gyms along the Wasatch Front incorporate vibrating plates and NASA also uses them.
  5. Remember not to eat for 2 hours before or after the session but drinking water is great. The cell wall takes 48 hours to heal so it is very important to avoid all simple carbs - we DO NOT want to fill the cells back up. The energy dense carbs are: sugar, white bread, white potatoes, white flour and white rice. Eat complex carbs in the morning to give you energy and no carbs at all after 3pm.

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