4 best places to eat lunch in Salt Lake City, Utah

#1. Sushi Burrito

For those living or visiting in the Salt Lake area who are our avid seafood lovers, the Sushi Burrito is most definitely a #1 pick for your lunch time stop. Close to downtown Salt Lake City, the Sushi burrito is a humble little cafe that offers over 20 different types of seafood wraps and burritos. All the items on the menu you will love and will definitely crave to go back. The employees that work at Sushi Burrito are extremely friendly and gladly help customers decide what they are in the mood to eat. The environment is very relaxed and helps the customers to stay and eat their order.

#2. B&D Burger's

This cafe is located right below the University of Utah Campus, this cafe is a local favorite. With its location close to Einstein Bagels and the Porcupine Grill, its cozy feeling ensures a great place to meet up with friends or go out on a date night to. B&D burgers have signature cheese burgers, regular burgers. B&D Burgers is also praised for their shakes all year long. This cafe has a nice flat screen TV which provides a way to watch the football and other sports games going on during the day and into the night. It's open and colorful environment makes you feel as if you're part of the community.

#3. Kneader's Cafe

In the City Creek center in downtown Salt Lake City, right above the food court is a fantastic cafe to eat at. Starting with their morning dishes, only served from 7-11am, their famous all you can eat french toast draws in a lot of customers between those hours. Kneaders is also known for their pastries. Carmel Apples, Sugar cookies, brownies, Lemon bars, tarts, parfaits, all are delicious treats at any time of the day. Their lunch menu consists of sandwiches, soups and salads. The environment is very open and happy and all stores are decorated to be cozy and make customers feel at home.

#4. The Porcupine Grill

Another one of Salt Lake City's favorites, this grill has a lot of history to the building. Before it was remodeled to be a sit down restaurant it served as a firehouse for the sugarhouse area. The firehouse moved a few blocks over and an owner turned the building into a cool building with traditional architecture and a elegant but relaxed vibe. A classic dish to order at this place is their mountain of Nachos. As it serves as an appetizer, you'll find yourself inhaling the food before you even get the chance to taste it. The chips are topped with salsa, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole, creating a delicious plate for your taste buds. Porcupine Grill is a charismatic place to bring the family as well as a date. The waiters are very polite and helpful when it comes to choosing things to eat off the menu. Definitely would recommend to eat dinner!