Deskbound - Kelly Starrett

What a Chiropractor can help

I am getting really excited for a new book that is being released by Kelly Starrett the author of The Supple Leapord. The new book is called Deskbound. The book looks amazing! In promoting the release, there is a video called The Stability Problems with Sitting in which Dr. Kelly addresses the three concepts that support a braced neutral spine and proper health. According to Dr. Kelly, sitting in a stabilized position involves

  1. Feet pointed straight forward
  2. Activate glute and core muscles
  3. Stabilize rotation at the hip

This position is easily fatigued and often we find ourselves slipping into a position that is less supported and generally will default to a mechanically inefficient position that feels more relaxed. Dr. Kelly describes this as hanging on the meat of the back as we lose the curvature of our low back and hang forward with rounded shoulders. While this position may be easy to slip into, and feels like we may be stable in it, it is definitely not an athletic position or a biomechanically sound posture. Proper positioning will result in correct patterns being memorized by the body leading to an increased ability for the body to heal and move correctly. I loved this instructional video and I expect much more information on this topic after the book is released (April 24) available HERE through amazon.

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